After completing the year-long screenwriting program at Interspherial Drehbuchschule in Stuttgart, I’ve since had feature-length comedies produced in Germany (I’m an American who is fluent in German).

Crazy in Love

(“Abgedreht in Stuttgart” in German)

Season one of the German cable series

A romantic TV series about being young, in love, and a little lost in a city full of comic misunderstandings.

Abgedreht in Stuttgart, or “Crazy in Love” premiered on the silver screen at the thirteenth annual Filmschau Baden, a film festival in Southern Germany. We, the authors, conceived the first four episodes as a 90-minute film for just such an occasion.

Season two of the series appeared on the silver screen as…

Kissed Awake

(“Wachgeküsst in Stuttgart” in German)

Season two of the German cable series

This season’s arc is a romantic comedy involving three pairs. Will the lonely, workaholic Nelly ever slow down long enough to learn the difference between love and lust? The first four episodes were presented as a feature film at the fourteenth annual Filmschau Baden in Stuttgart.

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Photo Stills from the Set